Designing Your Book Cover – An Expensive Business?

When I wanted a cover designed for my latest fiction book I did the usual searches and it was clear that it would cost several hundred pounds if using the suppliers suggested by Mr Google.

However, I knew what I wanted and that the cover should incorporate my own pictures. With the help of my Apple I was able to piece together something that I was happy with for my self-published work.

Then came the snag. For my paperback version I would need a cover, spine and back. I tried the Amazon help guides and the Kindle Direct Publishing template, but try as I might I just could not get it right.

What to do?

I turned to Fiverr and was extremely fortunate to find a chap called Aomar. Aomar is a Moroccan guy from the capital Rabat.

Fiverr Book Cover Designer Aomar

For a very reasonable fee, Aomar designed several covers with different fonts and colours, and made excellent suggestions on how I might improve the finished article.

Publishing a book is a labour of love and most authors are extremely pedantic about the cover. I was no exception and went back and forth requesting tweaks and redesigns.

All the way through Aomar was diligent, patient and very quick. I would have irritated myself with my demands, yet I could virtually feel his beaming smile and desire to please.

Thank you so much Aomar. I would not hesitate to recommend you for all types of graphic design and illustration, and will definitely work with you again for other books I have in the pipeline.

Drip By Drip Book Cover

Aomar can be contacted via THIS LINK. Just let him know what you want and he will perform his magic at a fraction of the cost that you might have expected.

Don’t just take my word for it either. Aomar has 67 Fiverr reviews and has been awarded a resounding 5 stars by everybody.

Drip by Drip is available from Amazon now as an ebook or paperback.

To read a book excerpt describing the arrival of the main characters into Cambodia click PHNOM PENH.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phnom Penh Street Scene

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