Hornbill Publishing

My name is Will Linsdell, the creator of Hornbill Publishing. This is my London based publishing house, which at the present time features my own works only.

Travelling By Train Across The Balkans

Passionate about travel and an avid football fan, writing about my cherished hobbies just seemed like a natural thing to do.

Over time I hope to also feature other writers on the label, but at this time I am concentrating on increasing my own output of quality fiction and non-fiction.

I am delighted to present my existing books, together with a third that will be released very soon. Please read the individual book pages for full details.

E-book and paperback versions of all my books are available on Amazon.

Manchester City Book Cover

I am also honoured to feature the works of South London author Gregory Edwards, who is an aficionado of London’s many fine examples of Art Deco architecture.

Gregory has a series of books available from Apple Books and Amazon. See the Hidden Cities page for full details.

Read just one of his books and you are sure to be a whole lot wiser about your surroundings and more than likely to be walking around with your eyes trained upwards in order to witness the intricate details on buildings that you might otherwise miss.

I know I do!


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